A new day, some tweaks and a little bit of *nix

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So I managed to get myself a gmail account - raghu dot rajagopalan at gmail dot com :). And I love google groups access. However, wanted to know if there is some way where my posts don’t show my email address.

Have posted a query to google feedback - will let you know if something comes of it.

Meanwhile have started looking at NUnitForms - have to try out some code to see if it’s as nice as nunit. If any of you have tried it out, please do post your suggestions and feedback on the tool.

On an aside, with console driven tools (nant, nunit etc) gaining popularity, I find myself running the cmd.exe a lot more. I’ve been a long time (> 2 years) fan of cygwin for running bash and other *nix tools on windows and it certainly helps that I can run all .net command line tools from there. However, it does have its wrinkles - it recognizes only unix style paths and this sometimes gets me into trouble. So for that I have to resort to cmd.exe - where I’ve always missed tab completion for files and folders. Found a couple of tweaks that get you *nix behavior on windows:

Command prompt in the context menu in Explorer (win 2000)

  1. Open explorer

  2. Tools→Folder Options →File Types

  3. Type n in the list box and navigate to 'Folder' item

  4. Click Advanced in the bottom frame. An Edit File Type window pops up.

  5. Click New - and in the Action Box, enter Command Prompt. In the Application Box, enter "cmd.exe".

  6. Close all windows and restart explorer. You should have a new context menu for folder items called "Command Prompt"

Tab completion as in *nix.

  1. Open the registry with Regedit.

  2. Navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor

  3. Set the values for CompletionChar and PathCompletionChar to 0x09

[You can download power toys for various windows versions for this behavior, but I like to do it without yet another download]