Most of these are related to my home infrastructure that I manage/maintain - that includes my media server, routers, printers, a couple of servers in the cloud and a few Linux desktops and then some other stuff like this blog and a couple of other static sites. Also included are rants about family’s Windows or Android devices that I to occasionally troubleshoot.

In any case, most of these are of narrow interest to anyone else and so doesn’t go on the blog - however, since I do have to go back to some of these after many months, it helps out the future me who’s scratching his head trying to remember exactly what magic incantation was used the last time. Basically, a section for stuff that I care about and took time to figure out that future me will thank me for.

Bye bye Ubuntu

homelab linux distro

I can't figure out PAM

homelab desktop gnome kde

Getting the rtl1892eu WiFi chipset to work on linux

hardware linux desktop

Automatically powering off monitor on suspend


Qmk firmware and usb-usb converter

homelab keyboard

Remmina - works out of the box

RDP software linux homelab

Sharing steam games between users on Linux

Getting on the Ryzen bandwagon


Boot improvements

Linux Homelab

STM32 Bluepill Dev Notes

development arduino homelab