Qmk firmware and usb-usb converter

· by Raghu Rajagopalan · Read in about 1 min · (108 words) ·

So today I had to update keymap on my usb-usb converter and couldn’t remember the first thing I needed to do to update the keymap on the keyboard and couldn’t remember the first thing on what I needed to do. So here goes…​

  1. clone the fork

  2. switch to branch 'raghu'

  3. Upload keyboards/usb_usb/keymaps/raghu/raghu.json to QMK Configurator

  4. Make changes, download json to same folder

  5. Convert from json to keymap.c with qmk json2c raghu.json > keymap.c

    $ qmk compile -c
    $ qmk flash
    1 When the dfu bootloader prompt comes up, double click the power button on the promicro to put it into bootloader mode
  6. Commit and push to github