Editing XSLT

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Am back on XML/XSL now. I’m in need of a good XSL editor - good being defined as

  1. Support intellisense

  2. Have a decent XPATH visualizer

  3. Debugging (optional)

  4. FREE :))

  5. Editor with regexp support for search/replace (We all write XHTML. But if you need to start of with an existing HTML page, 99 times out of hundered, its not going to be XHTML)

I’ve been using Marrowsoft’s Xselerator for the past week. The XSL editor is great, other than for a couple of problems 1. Long lines - tends to get the editor confused. 2. Search/replace - Search/Replace dialogs are hard to handle. 3. 15 day trial version - so I’m soon going to be left without an editor.

Plus points are 1. Good XPath visualizer 2. Support for stylesheet params

Sadly, VS.NET lacks intellisense for XSLT files. However, there’s a workaround found on Fesersoft’s site

It works quite well. Plus you get VS.NET’s regexp search and replace. I’m using XSLDebugger for Xpath visualization. It’s a free download, though no longer supported. I guess my troubles will start when I have xsl stylesheet parameters where I’ll have to live with default parameters values.