WSE2SP2 - Installing test certificates and the Mystery of Missing 'Other People' Tab

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I was trying out WSE2.0 SP2 Hands on lab on security and hit this really strange problem.

I needed to install the sample certificates supplied with WSE, typically located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft WSE\v2.0\Samples\Sample Test Certificates.

As given in the Hands on lab manual, I installed the Server Certificate.pfx (server’s private key) to the LocalMachine\Personal store and the Client Certificate.pfx (client’s private key) to the CurrentUser\Personal store. The trouble started when I wanted to install the Server’s public key to the Current User’s\Other People store as directed. There wasn’t an Other people Tab available in the mmc snap in. There is a workaround given in the Hands on lab manual -

_*Note*: if you don’t have an Other People store under Current User, open Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, Content, and press the Certificates button. You should see an Other People tab in the certificates dialog. You can import the certificate here through this interface or you can return to mmc and refresh the Current User tree and Other People should now show up. _


Trouble was, it didnt work for me. I never got the tab in MMC as the note says and nor was I able to import the certificate to the correct location.

After a bit of googling, turns out that you can use the certmgr.exe’s command line. It accepts a '-s' argument used to specify the store - and the value required for 'Other People' store is "AddressBook" So the command becomes

certmgr -add "Server Public.cer" -s AddressBook

and voila - works like a charm. You can then refresh MMC console and see that the certificate has indeed been imported successfully.