BSNL Broadband..

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I finally got a broadband connection from BSNL last week. T’was heady stuff for the first few days - was getting 40 Kbytes/sec downloads - which translates to around 320 Kbps - more than the advertised 256Kbps.

And then it all had to come down eventually!!! For the past two days, the downloads are going at 3 Kbytes/sec…​ So today I called their help desk and as expected, got no real help other than getting a complaint registered. I was told that the problem will be fixed 'soon' - with no details being provided on how soon is 'soon' :-)

Anyway, thankfully the connections a bit better now - though still slow…​getting 100 Kbps - which is way behind the advertised speed.

So its wait and watch down here.