Back in circulation

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I’m on vacation in Bangalore, and guess what - fixing my home computer. Mostly things like lost drivers, screen resolution, cruft in the drives - its an old machine - a P4/512 Meg, but good enough for surfing the net.

Did a few fun things in the midst, and its been ages since I’ve added anything to this blog. Will summarize for now and put in longer posts with more details in cases someone’s interested.

  1. Fixed my windows C drive which was running out of space - used trusty old windirstat for that.

  2. Set up wifi at home with ADSL modem from BSNL - MT800. Again, wasn’t as straightforward as I’d thought.

  3. Replaced old pcq linux 2006 with ubuntu gutsy - without losing stuff :D. Need to have /home in a separate partition, but otherwise this is a breeze.

  4. Having fun with compiz-fusion. Its great - however, the documentation isnt easily locatable/consumable enough for first timers (me).

  5. Set up DNS caching proxy on my linux box - has improved my net/web experience a 100 fold. Was a piece of cake too.

  6. Set up Dynamic DNS and remote SSH access to my box - this has been the single most important utility/maintainance action.

More later.