Hardy heron - first impressions

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He he :-) - finally got Ubuntu Hardy heron beta on my home and work laptop. first impressions below:

  1. Wubi install from within windows is easy and works great. If after setting up so many boxes, I can go on and on about it, I’m sure that its great help for anyone who’s on Windoze. I mean, the barrier to entry has never gone down so much.

  2. I guess once you’ve installed via Wubi and configured your system to your liking, you can uninstall and take an image that you finall install to a dedicated partition - isn’t that just awesome.

  3. Comes installed with Firefox 3b4 -which is awesome. Given that FF crashes badly on yahoo, this might be a bummer for many people. Should probably have some first time customization that will let you install Opera.

  4. Installation is super fast - took about 10 mins for wubi to install, reboot once, finish installation and reboot again. Grub default to Last selected would probably be a better idea.

The not so good

  1. Wifi doesnt work out of the box - didn’t on my Dell Inspiron 1501 or the Dell Latitude D620. Its the ye olde broadcom problem. This is really the BIGGEST turn off. Hope it will get fixed by the time the final release is out. Meanwhile, had to jump through hoops getting ndiswrapper in. I didn’t go the broadcom fwcutter way since that only allows a 802.11b connection from what I read. I’m still not sure what fixed the issue - irrespective, I had to update the system and then things started working like a charm.

  2. Compiz configuration isnt installed by default. If this is your first time on Ubuntu and you’ve come this way to see the awesome 3D desktop, then this is a bummer. Finding out what you need to do is a pain too.

I think that’s all there is to it. Its great once wifi starts working normally.