VPN into Windows VPN Server from Ubuntu *Hardy* Intrepid

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Update 2008/11/17: Networkmanager is broken in intrepid. To get itĀ  working had to install network manager from ppa as given here - http://www.ubuntu-forums.com/showpost.php?s=e0d93c09b8c340976477456593ac4cf7&p=6094870&postcount=5

Ok - this was easy - and while there’s some resources on google, I had to figure out a few itty bitty things for my work VPN setup.


  • network-manager-pptp

  • pptp-linux

Restart network manager with

killall nm-appletsudo /etc/init.d/dbus restartnm-applet --sm-disable &

Configure VPN settings

Click on the network manager applet and click on VPN connections

  1. Create a new VPN connection

  2. Ensure that you select Refuse CHAPĀ  in the authentication tab.

  3. In the routing tab, you can give netmasks that need to go through VPN - for my work network, I have:

That’s it. Now click on the Network applet, and connect to your VPN. In the authentication dialog, use <domain>\username and your windows domain password.