andLinux with Hardy Heron

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andLinux isĀ  built on top of co-linux (co operative linux) and basically runs side by side with Windows. andLinux packages the whole thing better (coLinux bundled with Xming and a nice systray app allowing you to launch Linux apps right in windows).

Here’s details on getting off the ground - and the reason that I have this post is that though andLinux comes with an installer application, it still needs some amount of fiddling under the hood to make it work. This post is just to make sure I can go through the process again when the time comes

  1. When installing andlinux, choose the COFS option for making your hard drive visible in Linux

  2. Install with the command line option to launch andLinux (do not install it as a service just yet)

  3. Post installation, tweak andlinux’s network setup -[set up a couple of]virtual TAP adapter . You will have to tweak things both on the linux side and on the windows side. Basically, you create a 2 TAP adapters - one is a loopback and another for sharing your LAN connection. Your wireless network is shared via Slirp (doesnt need a TAP adapter setup).

  4. Keep in mind a gotcha - slirp wont allow you to ping - so if you have only slirp working, then try a wget to check if you have network connectivity.

  5. Start the andlinux server (or if its already running) make sure that your c drive is shared - on the bash prompt you should be able to do ls /mnt/windows

  6. do a apt-get update to update your package list. run an update. As of this time, the only prebuilt images on is gutsy.

  7. do a apt-get install update-manager-core

  8. run do-release-upgrade - and you should see apt running and updating your system to hardy.