Blogging with Vim

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So now I’m in Vim land and this is the first time I’ve gotten far enough to feel a bit comfy. Decided to dust off my blog and start at it again - what better to do it in than in VIM.

So - TA-DA - here’s the first post - courtsey VIM on ubuntu. However, as usual, it was rougher than it’s supposed to be. IN any case, I’ll forget how I got this far the next time so the next few posts will be around recording how to get VIM to post to blogs.

But before that - the first thing to to is to get the VimRepress plugin. Better if you have pathogen installed, in which case you can do

cd .vim
git submodule add

That’s my fork on Github of which fixes a few things:

  • Makes VimRepress work properly through a proxy

  • Changes the attachment filename to a '.odt' since doesn’t allow a text file attachment.

I still dont have a clue if doing this will break the plugin - but nevertheless, basic case of posting to my blog works and at this stage that seems good enough for me.

PS as you can see from this post - I’ve not yet got a hang of markdown syntax :)

Dec 29th - PPS a couple of posts and one more tip for does <br/> for hardbreaks in the markdown text. Obviously, this doesnt leave the post looking very good. I have the following in my .vimrc to get around this

augroup Markdown
autocmd FileType markdown set wrap
\ linebreak
augroup END

PPS You will also need to have python markdown installed once you have VimRepress running.

easy_install markdown