Syntax highlighting support in with markdown

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Now that I’ve cozied up to Vim/VimRepress combo for posting to this blog, there are a few things where I’m finding issues with posting code. With straight, I used to be able to mark up code with the [sourcecode][/sourcecode] tag and syntax highlighting comes in. With markdown - indenting a block of code with 4 spaces renders it as a <pre><code></code></pre> tags, but I don’t know if there’s a way to let know what language it is or any way to use the [sourcecode][/sourcecode] plugin from markdown.

Some googling on the topic didn’t result in any specific answers (some folks have posted on using other plugins et cetera with a self hosted Wordpress - but nothing for

Any ideas/pointers? Guess I should also post the question on the Unix stackexchange

Update on 1/1/2012

Using the sourcecode language="xxx" tag works - but you cant have any empty lines in your source.