Facebook publicize is driving me nuts!

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I’m thoroughly frustrated with Wordpress.com’s facebook publicize feature. In theory, its supposed to post to your facebook wall whenever you publish a new post and that way publicize your post among your friend circle…​..if it ever works. I’ve done all the resets, disconnects and reconnects and it just doesn’t. Now, this could very well be a facebook problem rather than a wordpress.com problem - so while my rant might be misdirected, its a rant anyway against the thoroughly frustrating experience. Its like a bucket of cold water on my enthusiasm to be more active on my blog.

You see, with having posted rarely to this blog, I get a measly 70/80 page views per day (yeah - there’s no need for the snide looks); So one part of actively persisting on the blog has been to see if I can get to 100+ page views per day. Modest goals, I admit - and getting the linky to a new post on the FB wall is a big part of it. If only it worked as it says on the tin :( :(

Anyway, this post is a test in itself - I’ve just jumped through the said hoops, mumbled the magic incantations and in other words, followed every bit of direction available to make this work right. And if this post shows up on my FB wall, well and good. If not, then I’m done with trying to get this to work.