Moved to bitbucket

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I’ve been using Git Enterprise for hosting private repositories since github’s free plan doesn’t include any private repos. Git enterprise’s worked - but the UI leads a lot to be desired the few times that you actually have to use the web interface.

So the other day while doing something else, I landed on bitbucket. Bitbucket is Atlassian’s code hosting service - and for some reason I was under the impression that it only supported mercurial repositories. Was pleasantly surprised to see that not only can you have git repos, you also get unlimiited private and public repos with upto 5 collaborators all for the unbeatable price of free!

Can’t ask for more - so it’s Bye-bye Git Enterprise! and Hello! Bitbucket…​ Bitbucket also has a nice helpful repo import - plug in the url to your git repo and it gets cloned. Once that was done, it was a simple matter to update the origin url of my repo with

git remote set-url origin