Compiling Vim again - Cygwin

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Vim installed by Cygwin’s setup project does not have Ruby/Python/Perl support enabled by default. As my list of must have vim plugins has a few which use Ruby and Python, thought that it might be good to build my own Cygwin build of Vim. Turned out a little more work than I thought - but that’s more due to the misleading (at least for me :) ) Make file in the vim source tree called Make_cyg.mak.

Here’s how to compile:

  1. Make sure you have python (and ruby, perl and whatever other interpreters you need vim built with) installed.

  2. Do not install vim through cygwin (or uninstall it if you have it)

  3. Download vim source tarball, untar it and go into the vim73/src folder.

  4. Configure

    ./configure --enable-pythoninterp --enable-perlinterp --enable-rubyinterp --enable-gui=no --without-x --enable-multibyte --prefix=/usr
    make && make install
  5. You’re off to the races!