Flickr-Uploader is like Google+ Autobackup - only at full resolution.

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Auto backup

It’s been some time since I’ve used anything other than my Nexus 4 to take photos. And after a recent scare where I thought I’d lost 10 years worth of memories after a hard disk failure, I’ve been very diligent about having one or two backups.

Google+ does a great job of automatically uploading photos and then applying the auto awesome effects - but just with one downside - if you want to upload photos at full resolution, it will most probably count against your storage quota.

With Flickr offering 1 TB of free storage, I wanted to make sure that my photos get uploaded to Flickr as well. automatically. And private by default. And only on wifi (don’t like bill shock). And when plugged in (no point if I can’t take pics because the phone’s dead from uploading). And let me do manual uploads while at it (you know…​). You get the drift of my ideal feature set :).

Searched through the play store and its really really hard to find an app that does this well. The official flickr client doesn’t (good luck with the adoption guys) and while a few other apps state that they have bulk upload features, none of them were doing autobackup - other than Flickr Uploader. It’s available on a 7 day trial and the reviews were encouraging…​ thought I’d give it a shot.

Installed, authorized flickr - which errored out the first time but worked the next AND BOOM…​ that’s it. The next time I took pics, now they’re going to Flickr as well and it comes up with a nice notification. Super!

Additional props to the author - he’s open sourced the project as well on github!