Weekend with yeoman, grunt, bower and oh so much more

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Weekend with Yeoman

So it started with a post on reddit (something that I spend too much time on.) about an interactive Angular JS tutorial. It’s been some time since I played with Angular and decided to spend some time on it. One website led to another and I eventually got around to Yeoman. So ended up digging into Yeoman a lot more than anything else. Given our status at work building brewmaster and scheduler, and our architecture where the front end is just consuming REST services, we might be able to move to a pure Nodejs front end. The ever present question of course is doing a rewrite vs adding features!!!

Anyway, plan to spend some more time with Yeoman and friends and on Angular too.

Hey - and did I mention - I also flew kites with my kids - awesome fun! Brought back my childhood memories of running around the streets of Lucknow trying to catch kites!