Neovim on Windows

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If you’re a fan of Vim, then no doubt you’ve heard of Neovim - in fact, neovim has been a key driver in much of the changes that have made it into the latest version of vim (async, job control etc).

Neovim works extremely well as a daily driver on Linux - but for Windows support has been lagging. I’ve been using a fork from contributor equalsraf who’s been behind a lot of the windows support.

Last week, the main neovim project gained windows CI builds on appveyor. The instructions for installation were also updated on the wiki - so obviously, I was quick to try it. The windows appveyor builds also bundle the frontend - neovim-qt - however, there seems to be an issue that not all of neovim-qt runtime files are being included correctly in the build. Due to this, one cannot set GuiFont and so on and this is a bummer. Anyway, it’s easy to fix - just get the [neovim-qt binaries] from equalsraf’s appveyor and unzip them over. upating neovim

Since neovim is now on master and changes are coming in fast and thick, I wrote a little powershell to update my neovim installation. Here it goes for your enjoyment (you need powershell v5 for this)

UPDATE - 2017-03-01 - The bug in question is now fixed in Neovim windows builds. So in the script below you can leave out pulling down neovim-qt separately

param (
    [string] $loc="d:\utils\"
wget "" `
    -OutFile "$env:TEMP\"
wget "" `
    -OutFile "$env:TEMP\"

expand-archive -Path "$env:TEMP\" -DestinationPath $loc -Force
expand-archive -Path "$env:TEMP\" -DestinationPath "$loc\neovim" -Force