ANN: easyblogger 2.0 released

· by Raghu Rajagopalan · Read in about 2 min · (269 words) ·

Yesterday I released easyblogger 2.0 - it’s available on PYPI as usual - so to get it just do pip install easyblogger

Major changes warranting a 2.0 version bump as follows

  1. Post download now defaults to generating a TOML frontmatter header that is compatible with Hugo.

  2. Post download will also include an alias to the permalink so that if you move your blog, old urls continue to work.

    Example of a TOML frontmatter header
    lastmod = "2013-08-21T17:14:35+05:30"
    aliases = [ "/2011/12/a-new-look.html",]
    publishdate = "2011-12-29T01:41:00+05:30"
    date = "2011-12-29T01:41:00+05:30"
    title = "A new look"
    id = "2801636621209170956"
    tags = [ "blogging"]
  3. Speedup Uses gevent library to download posts in parallel and transform them with pandoc. Earlier, this was completely sequential where each post would be downloaded one by one. Downloading all posts on my blog with 180 odd posts went from a couple of minutes to 25 seconds!

  4. file parameter can now be given a wildcard - each file is processed in parallel thanks to gevent - like so

    # process each asciidoc file in folder
    easyblogger file *.adoc
  5. File upload now looks for a TOML frontmatter header - but if that isn’t found, it will look for old style metadata patterns for backward compatibility

  6. -v verbosity parameter now takes INFO/DEBUG/WARNING/ERROR/CRITICAL as the log level. This I feel is much more clearer than the earlier method of specifying multiple -v args to increase log level.

  7. Log messages are colored now by default thanks to colorlog library.

  8. Silenced cache related warnings and errors thrown by google-api-python-client. this used to add noise to log outputs which was distracting.

  9. Added more tests