My first neovim plugin: vim-ghost

· by Raghu Rajagopalan · Read in about 2 min · (236 words) ·

Introducing Vim-Ghost

Always hated typing long text in browser text areas? How about posting at reddit or stackoverflow and feeling like pulling your hair out in frustration while posting text with code or just editing markdown?

Wished for having the full power of (n)vim while editing browser text areas? Then here’s a plugin that’ll go a long way towards answering those wishes!

Figure 1. Here’s vim-ghost in action along with the GhostText browser plugin

If you were a It’s all text user on Firefox, then you probably know that it’s dead and the author suggests the GhostText plugin.

GhostText works by talking to the editor over a websocket channel and so offers real time, bi-directional editing. GhostText itself handles the browser end of the communication with various editor plugins handling the updates to the editor. However, vim plugin there is in Tcl. Now I wasn’t enthusiastic about running Tcl either on linux or windows. I however, do run vim and neovim with Python enabled. I needed something that’ll work both on Linux and Windows. And thus, vim-ghost came to life. For now, vim-ghost requires python3 and neovim. I’m hopeful of getting vim support sometime in the future once I figure out how (or someone’s kind enough to send a PR)

I’ve been using vim-ghost for the last week and it’s made editing in the browser bearable again. Hope you find it as useful as I do.