Unit testing asp.net apps - NunitAsp

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I love the premise of Test Driven Development - I’ve even used it a few times in the line of duty ;-) (I do have to admit, I’ve been naughty and left out the step of ├é┬áseeing the test case fail a few times )…​Anyway, I end up working on web applications more often than not and while you can use TDD for your class libraries, a web app is a totally different animal. The fact that you can use TDD for class libraries makes the whole thing even more frustrating - you have a bit that works for sure (the class libraries with their tests) and then you hit this piece (aspx) on which you dont have the same level of confidence.

I’ve been working around it making sure that pages generate nice logs, so that during development, whenever I find a sticky piece, I put in an additional log statement. This thing works but at best is a poor cousin to automated testing ala nunit.

Enter NunitAsp - it promises to do for web applications what nunit does to class libraries - pretty stiff goal indeed! I’ve looked at this piece about an year ago for a similar project but had to decide against its use after going through the feature list. As a result, though I understand the aims, I havent got my hands into it. These days' I’m planning to do a dive-deep into it - just to make a more diligent evaluation if it’ll actually work.