Posix compatible PTY in Windows

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Get a real Posix compatible PTY in Windows

If you do any work on hte console in WIndows and are not on Windows 10, then you should probably use Conemu.

If you’re a linux shell fan and are using Msys2 or Cygwin on windows, then an additional tweak is to enable the experimental Posix compatible PTY support in ConEmu.

I’ve been a long term ConEmu user and did not know about this till yesterday. Enable it and you get full xterm-256color TERM.

So cat $ConEmuBaseDir/Addons/AnsiColors256.ans now produces img

Here’s how the tasks are set up in ConEmu - this one’s for MSYS2

set MSYSTEM=MINGW64 & set MSYS2_PATH_TYPE=inherit & set HOME=c:\users\raghuramanr & d:\msys64\usr\bin\conemu-msys2-64.exe /usr/bin/zsh -l -i