Zsh constantly crashes on Msys64

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So, I wanted to try out Zsh as a bash replacement after using it on and off. Now I don’t write a lot of scripts - but mostly for running apps etc. The only real improvement that I needed was cross shell history…​ I can never remember where I typed a command and hitting Ctrl-R and finding the command is super nice.

On my msys64 install, did a pacman -Su zsh and zsh was installed. Now, since I’m on pre windows 10, everything’s a little more painful if you want to run bash/linux tools

Anyway, since I use Conemu as my shell, had to change my Conemu Task to something like

set MSYS2_PATH_TYPE=inherit & \
set HOME=c:\users\raghuramanr & \
d:\msys64\usr\bin\conemu-msys2-64.exe usr\bin\zsh -i -l

Everything was great. Also installed a zsh customization framework - zprezto and had a decent prompt, reverse history search going on. Everything was good for a couple of days - but then I couldn’t leave it at that, could I?

And then, I did a pacman -Su - this updated msys runtime. Now zsh segfaults with an access violation at startup. Starting a blank .zshrc works - so definitely some init scripts were causing it.

Tried a bunch of things - getting rid of zprezto (github stars nonetheless, it seems unmaintained - and was hoping that a replacement would fix the crash); replaced it with Zim - Zsh Improved. That didn’t help either. Got rid of it as well and started customizing zsh by hand. What I found that running compinit crashes zsh everytime - so finally gave up and am back to bash