Kubernetes cluster visualizer

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GCP live k8s visualizer is a cool project to visualize your k8s cluster. As pods, services & other resources come in and go out, it shows a visual map of your cluster

gcp live k8s visualizer

gcp live k8s visualizer

The animation above is from this guide. Followed the instructions there in but ran into javascript null errors error.

Anyway, took a look this morning and while it was a simple fix, I’m not sure why the kube api is returning null for something that’s a collection?

Anyway, here’s the fork with the fix applied which should let you run the visualizer against your cluster.

I also made it show the Deployment (since ReplicationControllers are apparently superseded by ReplicaSets). While the job of the ReplicaSet is the same as the earlier RC, the preferred method to scale is via the Deployment. The visualization’s a little weird - but basically I have a Deployment showing up where earlier a ReplicationController would have been. here goes