Network print server - Optware/Tomato

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Printer sharing and mobile printing

  1. Install packages

    • ipkg install cups cups-doc hplip

  2. edit /opt/etc/cups/cupsd.conf

    • Scroll to section <Location /admin>

    • set AuthType None

  3. configure attached printer from cups web if - http://<ip>:631

  4. Install avahi

  5. Make sure that cupsd starts after avahi (or just restart cups after avahi is running)

Other configuration

  • Firewall

    • Enable Udpxy

  • Routing → Miscellaneous

    • Efficient multicast forwarding

    • DHCP routes(default)


  • use avahi-browse to see what services are registered available.

  • With tomato shibby - printing services would be available briefly and then disappear - there was some post that multicast dns was broken/crashing.


  1. Report HP ink levels as a mobile alert when printer is switched on

    • save the following as /opt/etc/

    • make sure to replace your pushover tokens

    • Add this to USB Support → Hotplug script

  2. Automatically release jobs when printer is switched on.

    • on my inkjet, if the printer is off, cups puts the job in 'Held' status. To release held jobs when the printer is switched on include the following line in the script above.

    • lpstat -o | cut -d " " -f 1 | xargs -i{} lp -i {} -H resume